An Easy Decision

“The leasing allowed us to take advantage of the savings,” said Dennis Rak, “without having to put in all the upfront capital.” Having entertained the idea of investing in a wind turbine for several years, the Raks were excited to be offered a WindLease because it came with guaranteed production and 20 years of maintenance, with a no money down option. This peace of mind allowed the Raks to move forward with a wind turbine while allowing them to focus on what they know best: wine!

No strangers to being green, the Raks have been involved with biomass crops and were excited to expand their Vineyard’s renewable energy efforts with the addition of a wind turbine. “It fits into what we do… we thought it was a good fit,” said Sue. The Raks had been considering an outright purchase of a turbine for some time, but admitted that wind energy was hardly their specialty, and weren’t comfortable with making such a large capital outlay without any guarantees. “We felt comfortable, but we just don’t have experience in operating and maintaining a turbine, and knowing what production would be – that’s not what we do. By having that be [United Wind]’s responsibility, but still being able to tap into the benefits – that made a lot of sense,” stressed Dennis.

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