Harnessing the Local Resource

“It’s always windy here,” said New York resident Kurt Schmitt, “so we decided we might as well harness that power instead of complaining about it all the time… I can look at the meter and see that it has gone backwards on certain days.” After fretting over their skyrocketing electricity bill for years, a WindLease made it easy for the Schmitts to start making their abundant wind resources work for them.

The Schmitts were always interested in minimizing their environmental footprint and had recently upgraded their home to be more energy efficient. But to Cathy Schmitt’s dismay, even though they were using less kilowatts of electricity, their bills were going up! Frustrated with their predicament, the Schmitt’s decided to regain control of their utility bills by taking advantage of their local resource: wind. While wind was an energy option they’d been considering for some time, the WindLease from United Wind made it easy to make the switch. For Kurt, it was the fact that they could drastically cut their utility grid consumption, but still remain connected to the grid in case there were days that the wind wasn’t blowing. While Cathy agreed with Kurt, she was also ready to make the commitment for another reason: “For me the biggest selling point was that we weren’t going to have to worry about maintaining it.” The Schmitts are now looking forward to the windy times ahead.

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