Locking in Energy Prices

“The rates just seem to keep going up,” said Rich Doody, “they don’t seem to go the other way.” Having operated a dairy farm in Central New York for many years, the Doody brothers, Ed, Rich, and Kevin, know how quickly your business’ bottom line can change when a commodity’s price fluctuates. Because of its 20-year production guarantee and maintenance coverage, each of the Doody brothers knew that a WindLease was the best way to regain control of their energy spending.

A few years ago the Doody Brothers decided to purchase a 50kW wind turbine for their farm’s electric needs. Having been more than satisfied with its production for their business, the brothers became interested in each getting their own smaller wind turbine to power their homes. While each brother had a different reason that they felt compelled to make the switch, they could all agree that United Wind’s WindLease was the best way to move forward. For Rich, it was fixing his payments to hedge against rising electric rates. For Kevin, it was the production guarantee that made him feel comfortable. And for Ed, it was the security of knowing that the lease included 20 years of maintenance and there’d be no more hidden costs.

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