United Wind Announces Listing on Farmer’s Business Network, Inc.

United Wind Announces Listing on Farmer’s Business Network, Inc.

BROOKLYN, N.Y.-United Wind, Inc. (United Wind), the nation’s leading distributed wind energy developer, has announced a new agreement with Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. (FBNSM), the largest and fastest growing independent farmer-to-farmer network, which now spans over 13 million acres of member farms. United Wind is proud to be the first renewable energy provider to offer its WindLeaseTM through the FBN network’s farmer-direct marketplace. The FBN network’s mission is to make a positive social impact in rural America by transforming farmers’ businesses and United Wind brings this mission to fruition by enabling farmers to capture their on-site, sustainable, and renewable wind resource for their direct economic benefit.

United Wind’s first-of-its-kind WindLeaseTM allows FBN members to lease a small wind system for no money down and stabilize their electricity costs over the long-term, saving on their utility bills on day one. United Wind handles all responsibilities related to development, construction, and operation and maintenance of the wind system, so its customers can focus on their farm operations. FBN members will now be able to enjoy the benefits of local wind energy, without any of the risk or obligations of owning a wind system.

“Farmers are being squeezed on both sides by low crop prices and high input and energy costs,” said Co-Founder & VP of Products, Charles Baron. “By stabilizing electricity rates over the long-term, farmers can hedge against these rising utility rates and create certainty in their energy costs and produce renewable energy right on their farm. On-farm energy production strengthens farmers’ independence.”

The FBN network and United Wind also see alignment in the character of the farmers they serve; innovative, resourceful, and entrepreneurial. “FBN members operate complex businesses. They are always looking at ways to improve their bottom line and ensure the sustainability of their farm for today and the next generation,” said United Wind CEO Russell Tencer. “Our WindLeaseTM provides a turn-key solution to meet those objectives, and take the wind that was once a nuisance, and turn it into a source of economic gain.”

Through this listing, United Wind will provide exclusive benefits and pricing to FBN members. Recognizing that many of its farmers may have the wind resource and energy demands that would be ideal for small wind, Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. is excited to have United Wind’s energy solution offered in its marketplace.

About United Wind

United Wind is a leading provider of low-cost distributed wind energy through its WindLeaseTM program. Founded on the belief that the wind energy must be affordable to compete with conventional energy sources, United Wind provides customers with wind energy options, at no upfront expense, that make sense for today and the future. This past year United Wind opened new offices in Colorado and Kansas, laying down its roots in key rural and agricultural communities. United Wind is proud of the support it has received from global energy investors, Statoil Energy Ventures, Total Energy Ventures, and TEPCo. For more information, visit www.unitedwind.com.

About Farmer’s Business Network, Inc.

Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. is an independent farmer-to-farmer network. Built by and for farmers, the FBN network connects farmers to share information and enable powerful insights to help make the best decisions for farmers’ land and profits. FBN members receive comprehensive farm benchmarking, real world seed performance analysis and field-seed matching, data mapping, and pricing analytics based on over 85 million acre events of real-world precision agronomic data. The FBN Direct platform connects farmers to manufacturer-direct, national, and transparent pricing on ag chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, technology and services.

The FBN network has grown to thousands of farms, from 38 states, across over 13 million acres. Farmers Business Network, Inc. has offices in San Carlos, California, and a Midwestern Headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. blends the best of Midwestern agricultural roots and Silicon Valley technology as a completely independent company representing Farmers FirstSM. The Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. mission of democratizing farm information has earned the support of world-class technology investors GV, DBL Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers LLP, Bow Capital and Acre Venture Partners. To learn more, visit www.farmersbusinessnetwork.com.

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