Flower Wind Farm has fourteen 2 MW wind turbines so it has 28 MW in total for an installed generation. It was in September 2012 when the wind farm became fully operational. The wind farm was expected to generate more than 70,000 MWh of clean and renewable energy in a year. This is the same power needed for almost 7,000 average homes.

Here are some of the benefits of the Flower Wind Farm:

  • It has provided 5 to 6 full-time permanent positions for maintenance and operation technicians assigned to the wind farm.
  • The tax revenue from the wind farm can help develop and maintain the services available for the residents and the community.
  • Local businesses can benefit because of the contracts made for the required maintenance and operation of the wind farm.
  • Leased landowners receive a payment between $250,000 to $400,000 every year for the area occupied by the wind farm. The payment depends on the generated wind power and speed. This payment helps the local economy since the money goes around.
  • During the construction of the wind farm, over $10 million was gained by the local economy.

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