Wind Unites Us is committed to giving clean and reliable wind energy. Wind Unites Us was launched in 2004 as a provider of renewable energy. Since then, we have been successful in developing several solar and wind projects and installing ample power to about 57,000 average residences each year. Our...

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Management Michael Dunkel Founder and CEO Michael is a BSME degree holder and has a doctorate. He has been in the energy industry for more than 30 years. Chris Cooper Vice-President, Management Chris has been...

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How to Use Wind Energy to Heat a Pool?

Having a pool at home can be fun and exciting. It allows you to swim and enjoy the water any time that you want. However, if you live somewhere with cold weather, one of your major problems is your pool’s water temperature. Many people install a heating system on their pool so that they can still use it in any weather. However, the problem with this is that most traditional pool heating methods require a lot of energy consumption, significantly inflating your energy costs. Renewable energy sources, such as solar pool heaters and wind ...

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