Q: What are the qualities my property needs for a wind farm to be built?

A: Wind Unites Us is very careful when picking a site for our wind farms. We evaluate sites and check factors such as geography, atmosphere, environment, and culture of the land. Therefore, a property is not automatically ideal for wind farms just because there is much wind there. If you think your property is ideal for our wind farms, you can reach out to us and we can do an initial analysis of your land and we will let you know if we are interested in your area.

Q: How can a wind farm affect my land? Can I still use it even though there is a wind farm?

A: We work hard on minimizing the effects of our project on lands. During the construction of wind farms, local disruptions are inevitable. Nevertheless, after the project is finished, you can continue using your land with minimal or no interruptions in the long run.

Wind Unites Us will also access the property for construction and maintenance of equipment to do measurements. If the property is appropriate, construction and maintenance of wind turbine towers will follow. After completing the installation, a small area near every tower and an access road is needed for the operation. Moreover, we also agree to provide payment to the landowner if there are damages to land used for harvesting crops and cannot be planted anymore because of the construction of our wind farms.

Q: If the equipment is not used anymore what happens to it?

A: If the equipment is not used anymore or the lease is ceased, Wind Unites Us will take all of the equipment. We will also try our best to return the land where the towers or roads were built to its original state.

Q: Can I directly plug using the wind turbine if there is a turbine converting wind into electricity?

A: Making the power directly available to your home is not possible since the power generated by wind turbines has very high voltage. Therefore, it has to be converted a few times before it can be used in homes.

Q: What can I expect from my lease?

A: You can expect Wind Unite Us to be fair in the lease contract and implementation of our project. We prioritize mutual benefit from our projects. You just need to understand the lease agreement before signing it.

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