Wind Unites Us has spearheaded the use of wind energy in many communities. This wind farm project was the pioneer in community-scale wind farms. Its operations started in November 2008 and it started with 2 wind turbines. Now, it is one of the most prominent renewable energy providers in the community with an installed wind capacity of 60 MW through its 29 wind turbines.

Every year, Stoney Corner Wind Farm can generate enough energy to power almost 20,000 average homes. Wind Unites Us has invested for the short and long term in the region’s economy and businesses. Because of the increased spending, employment, and local contracts, locals and not only businesses can benefit.

This wind farm project goes beyond producing energy. It also empowers communications. Landowners who take part in this project get an extra source of income without compromising their farming activities. The community benefits because of the higher tax base for the school and community and permanent employment. Besides reducing dependency on fossil fuels, wind energy provides benefits to everyone.

The wind farm also stimulates the construction of important community structures. Taxes from the wind farm can reduce property taxes, make schools better, and develop community services such as the fire and police departments. Wind Unites Us also believes in the importance of assisting the locals and the local government through donations such as goods and cash.

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