Q: What is wind power?

A: Wind power is a form of solar power. Air moves because of the difference in the pressure and temperature on earth. The principle of wind turbines is simple. It collects energy from the movement of air and transforms it into electricity. The wind energy moves the 2 or 3 propeller blades around a rotor. This rotor is attached to the central shaft which generates electricity.

Q: Is wind power cheaper?

A: Yes. It becomes less expensive as more and more people use it. In the last decade, the average growth rate of wind power has been 30% every year. Therefore, when more people invest in wind energy, it becomes more affordable. Generating wind energy is more affordable than generating electricity for coal plants. Wind energy is renewable, so people can save a lot on electricity bills.

Q: What are other sources of sustainable energy?

A: Hydroelectric, solar, biomass, and geothermal power are other sources of sustainable energy. Since they are sustainable, it means that they do not deplete or they are viable. Other forms of nuclear power and clean coal technology can be somewhat considered renewable. We make sure that we only generate energy that is sustainable and follows environmental standards.

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