Solar and wind energy are clean, abundant, and renewable sources of power. Here at Wind Unites Us, we want to take advantage of the benefits of these great sources to lessen the usage of imported energy resources, cut down the effects of these resources on the environment, and make stronger communities.

Wind energy offers a lot of benefits such as more employment, a better economy, and pollution reduction. Aside from these benefits, Wind Unite Us also invests a lot of money in communities. We make payments to royalty revenues, taxes, and contributions to charities. We take pride in helping people in different communities. We believe that people and the environment should enjoy the blessings the wind energy provides.

The benefits of wind energy go beyond society and the environment. Since wind energy is a more affordable energy source, many utilities and taxpayers are attracted to it.

Summary of Winds Unite Us Projects:

Online Wind Projects: 4

Wind Capacity Installed: 193 megawatt

Solar Projects: 1 currently operating and 1 ongoing construction

Wind Turbines: 68

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