Q: What are the benefits of wind energy to the environment?

A: According to the American Wind Energy Association, a 1.5 MW wind turbine is almost the same as planting 4 square kilometers of forest each year. Aside from being renewable, wind energy offers more benefits compared to other ways to generate electricity. One of the major global issues now is global warming. Using wind energy prevents this because it has no emissions. This is what makes this energy source stand out from fossil fuels which emit a lot of CO2. Fossil fuels also emit sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide which are both known as harmful greenhouse gases. These pollutants are one of the contributors to acid rain.

Q: What are the effects of wind energy on wildlife?

A: Facilities that generate wind energy are likely to directly or indirectly affect wildlife including birds. It can indirectly affect wildlife through disruption of habitats and showing evasion. Direct effects can mainly come from possible collisions. Nevertheless, these effects can be prevented or significantly reduced through an informed project that has a design concentrating on the environmental survey and consulting with state and federal departments.

According to recent research, it is estimated that the conservative average global temperature rises. Between 11% to 34% of species existing now can be in danger of being extinct. As mentioned, wind energy does not have emissions, so it can lessen the danger of these species being extinct. Harmful elements such as lead or mercury from other energy sources can be consumed by birds who eat poisoned fish from bodies of water.

Wind Unites Us is dedicated to minimizing the effects of the construction of wind energy facilities on bats and birds. That is why the planning and searching for sites for our wind farms are properly done. We also conduct pre-construction and post-construction evaluations using modern designs and technologies. We want to utilize the best management practices and operate using flexible management.

Q: How can generating wind energy balance the production of carbon dioxide?

A: In the US, 1 MWh of generated wind can lessen emitted carbon dioxide by more than 1,200 pounds. For instance, the Stoney Corners Wind Farm emits 76,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year from its 28 wind turbines. The average amount of wind generated from each turbine is 5,000 MWh. Approximately 85,000 metric tons of CO2 are prevented by the wind farm.

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