Wind energy is a byproduct of converting power into electricity from a sustainable resource. There is no doubt that investing in wind power is a great investment for the future. Using wind energy necessitates the building of wind farms on lands or high seas and several wind turbines. This energy innovation has been utilized for many years, but what is wind energy?

How Wind Energy Is Generated

Solar radiation does not equally change the surface of the earth. Therefore, some parts are hotter and these have air that has less weight. Low-pressure areas are created because of the rise of this air. Some parts are colder, so the air goes down since it has more weight. As a result, high-pressure areas are created. The pressure difference makes the air move and makes wind which is very strong making it good for generating energy.

What Wind Energy Is

Wind energy comes from the wind force. It goes through a wind turbine and converts the kinetic energy of air into electricity. The rotor extracts this energy which converts the kinetic to mechanical energy. The generator of a wind turbine converts this mechanical energy to electricity. This renewable energy is secure, mature, and efficient making it great for energy evolution and economic decarbonization.

What Are Wind Energy Types

Depending on the site where turbines are built, these are the 2 current types of wind energy:

Onshore Wind Energy

This wind energy type produces power by collecting wind from farms that were built on the land. We harness onshore wind energy by installing wind turbines that can transform kinetic energy from the wind into electricity that can be used and distributed.

Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind energy is obtained by getting the wind pressure that is generated from the high seas. It has a more consistent and higher speed compared to land because there are no barriers. To take advantage of this resource, big structures are built and placed on the seabed and have all the updated innovations and equipment.

How a Wind Farm Is Installed

The structure needed to build wind farms is very complicated because there are many factors to be assessed to determine the ideal site and period for it to be constructed. The most crucial factors to be considered are temporal, vertical, and spatial variations of wind. Wind vanes and anemometers are used to assess these factors and the productivity of wind farms in the future so that their maximum efficiency is guaranteed. Advanced techniques make the design of the wind farm better and make the most out of its energy generation.

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