We prioritize having long and quality relationships with landowners and leaders of communities to make our projects beneficial for everyone and the environment. That is why we know the differences in social and economic conditions in different communities we work with. We consider these communities home and source of living. We are passionate to see the success of our project not only for ourselves but for the communities.

You see a boost in economic activity in communities where there are wind farms established and currently being developed. Wind Unites Us assists in many communities in various ways. For instance, during the construction of wind farms, the economic activity in communities increases because of the equipment, food, materials, rentals, and subcontracts made with the communities. We utilize local materials, labor, and other sources to help the communities further.

Once the wind farms are operational, we help communities through payment of taxes and other revenues for building vital infrastructures such as roads, schools, and health clinics among many others. Moreover, we work hard on being active members of communities by contributing and having operational wind farms. The production of wind energy technology, planning, construction, maintenance, and operations are some of the benefits of wind energy projects. Here are more ways that these projects help communities:

  • More revenues from property taxes and leases from landowners
  • Additional income from the construction stage of a project
  • Employing maintenance and operation of wind farms
  • Creating a tourist attraction in the area

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