At Wind Unites Us, we foster good working relationships with landowners so that each project can be planned, built, and operated properly. We work with property owners and members of the community at every stage of the project to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the farming and other land activities in the community. That is why we give much value to quality relationships that will mutually benefit us and the landowners.

The structure needed to build a farm does not require much land. For instance, our wind farms can take up around ¼ to ½ acre of land for every turbine. This includes the area, access, equipment, and other structures. We want to collaboratively work with landowners to make sure that the area of our projects and the timing does not cause much disruption in their usage of land and maximize harnessing wind energy.

It is not surprising that wind energy has been considered a cash crop. In places where wind energy is developed, landowners get paid for giving the right to gather wind energy from their lands, contracts for using the land during the planning phase, construction, and operation. According to research, individuals who agree to the construction of wind farms are likely to involve themselves in the farming operation and continue the started plan. As a result, the success of using wind energy for farmers in the future increases. Landowners also receive income from production to stay active in farming.

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