Generating energy from the wind provides plenty of benefits since it does not use water and does not emit noxious particles or gases into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, in the past years, more than half of the power generated comes from burning coal. The coal used for energy consumption comes from other places. Unlike wind energy, it is clean, renewable, and homegrown.

Advantages of Avoiding Greenhouse Gas

  • Among all the energy-generating technologies, wind energy has the lowest emissions. A wind turbine offsets the energy and CO2 that are utilized to create, install, and operate it for 3 to 6 months.
  • Wind energy does not produce CO2 or other noxious elements which can be created if the same energy is generated from fossil fuels.
  • The use of wind energy gets rid of harmful particles, mercury, sulfur, and other emissions related to the generation of fossil fuel.
  • Generation of energy and sulfur dioxide does not emit NOx.
  • 1 megawatt per hour or MWh or generated wind can lower CO2 emissions by over a thousand pounds. Nevertheless, because of the dependency of many communities on coal for generating energy, the emissions are a little higher than the standard average per MWh set which is about 1,472 lbs every MWh.

Wind Unites Us is serious in its goal to lessen the effects of energy generation on the environment. We believe that our installed wind capacity of 108 MW can help lower greenhouse gas and other emissions that harm people and the environment.

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