Wind energy is one of the energy sources that develop fast globally because of its many benefits. There is also research indicating the problems that can be caused by the increasing use of this energy. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages and challenges of wind energy.


1. It is cost-efficient

Wind farms installed in lands and used for utilities are the cheapest sources of energy now. After the production tax, wind power can cost around 1 to 2 cents for every kWh.

2. There is more employment

The wind energy sector in the US employs more than 100,000 people. Wind turbine technicians are also becoming more in demand in the US.

3. It is a clean energy source

Wind power does not harm air, unlike power plants that depend on fossil fuel combustion such as natural gas or coal. These have emissions such as NOx and SO2 that cause problems not only to health but also to the economy.

4. It is renewable

It is sustainable and renewable. Winds are formed when the atmosphere is heated by the sun, the Earth’s rotation, and the irregularities on the surface of the earth.

5. Farms and ranches can be used to build wind turbines

Farms and ranches are generally the ideal sites for wind farms. Therefore, the economy of the area greatly benefits from the construction of these wind farms.


1. Ideal areas for wind sites are usually found in areas far from cities where most electricity is consumed

Because most wind sites are built in rural areas, transmission lines are needed to provide wind power to cities. Nevertheless, constructing several transmission lines can lower the costs of expanding this source of energy.

2. Wind turbines can cause pollution

Even though wind farms do not affect the environment as much as conventional power facilities, there can be issues regarding the noise of the blades and the aesthetic of the land.

3 Wind farms can affect wildlife

Birds flying into the moving wind turbines have been killed. These problems have been addressed or lessened because of technological developments and better choices of wind farm sites. Bats also fall victim to wind turbine blades. Research is still currently being conducted to provide solutions and lessen the negative impact of wind turbines on these animals.

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